Governors’ Details

NameCategoryAppointed byTerm of Office (no. of years & end date)Committee MembershipResponsibilitiesVoting Rights (if Associate Member)
Louise WaldronLAGB4 years, 30/2/22Standards & Resources CommitteeChair of Governors Chair of Standards Committee Safeguarding Governor
Roger CoveneyCo-optedGB4 years, 19/5/19Standards & Resources CommitteeVice-Chair
Peter HiggsCo-optedGB4 years, 19/5/19Resources CommitteeChair of Resources Committee
Luigi GregoriCo-optedGB4 years, 19/5/19Resources Committee
Jamie JenrrichCo-optedGB4 years, 8/5/22Standards & Resources Committee
Katherine HeppenstallParentGB4 years, 5/2/19Standards Committee
Kerry WardStaffGB4 years, 19/5/19Standards CommitteeHealth & Safety Governor
Craig McLarenStaffStaff4 years, 19/5/19
Sonia Longstaff-BishopHeadteacherGB4 years, 19/5/19Standards & Resources Committee
Jack BernardCo-OptedGB4 years, 6/3/22Standards & Resources Committee
Natalie RandallClerk

Register of Governors’ Interests

NameName of BusinessNature of BusinessNature of InterestDate of Appointment or AcquisitionDate of Cessation of InterestDate of Entry
Louise WaldronVice Chair of Governors at Wallop Primary schoolSept 201420/09/16
Roger CoveneyGovernor at St John the Baptist Catholic SchoolFeb 201620/09/16
Peter HiggsChair of governors at Wallop Primary school Governor at Romsey Primary schoolSept 2014/Sept 200720/09/16
Luigi GregoriNIL20/09/16
Katherine HeppenstallNIL13/10/16
Kerry WardEmployed at school13/10/16
Craig McLarenEmployed at school20/09/16
Sonia Longstaff-BishopEmployed at school20/09/16
Jack BernardNIL6/03/18
Jamie JennrichRegional Manager Paloalto networksMarch 20169/5/18
Natalie RandallHampshire Governor Services & Employed at the schoolSept 2007 & Sept 201520/09/16

Governor Attendance Record for the Academic Year 2016/17

Governor6 Full Governing Body Meetings 16/174 Standards Committee Meetings 16/176 Resources Committee Meetings 16/17
Sonia Longstaff-Bishop6 out of 64 out of 46 out of 6
Louise Waldron5 out of 64 out of 44 out of 6
Roger Coveney5 out of 64 out of 44 out of 6
Peter Higgs4 out of 6-4 out of 6
Luigi Gregori4 out of 6-3 out of 6
Connor Philp2 out of 22 out of 22 out of 2
Katherine Heppenstall6 out of 62 out of 4-
Kerry Ward5 out of 64 out of 4-
Craig McLaren4 out of 6--
Natalie Randall6 out of 64 out of 46 out of 6
  • End of Term Friday 20th July 3.00pm
  • Race for Life Friday 29th June
  • Sports Day 17th July
  • End of Term Assembly 1.15pm 18th July
  • Drop-in session with the Family Support Worker 6th July 10.00am - 12.00pm
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