Summary Data for The Mark Way School

This academic year we have seen excellent exam results from the class of 2016. 87% of year 11s left with at least 3 GCSEs graded A*- G with 73% of students achieving 5 GCSEs graded A*- G and 27% achieving 8 GCSEs A-G.  93% of students achieved a GCSE grades A-G in English at GCSE and 100% gained an Entry Level or higher at GCSE. 27% of students gained a GCSE in Maths grades A-G, 33% achieved a Functional Maths qualification and 67% achieved a GCSE with 90% of those gaining Entry Level 3. This continues our 4-year trend of significant achievements for all of young people who access our qualification programmes. All of our students have successfully accessed the courses at College for September 2016. The access our students have to accreditation means that students go on to college to access more relevant qualifications. In addition to the GCSEs attained students also gain Entry Levels across all subjects up to Level 3.

The following data sets are those which we are required to publish and are obviously intended for mainstream schools; as such they do not fully reflect the progress our pupils make, therefore we have included further information on progress and attainment below. The attainment and progress of our Young People does vary from year to year depending on the Individual Special Educational Needs with which they present. Additionally, all of our cohorts are very small and this can make comparative data more difficult to read. For example 6% = 1 child in the cohort.

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Percentage Tables



Percentage Tables Continued



Maths and English Progress 2013-2016


Maths and English Progress 2013-2016 Continued



  • Autumn Term Starts for Pupils 8.40am 6th September
  • We would like to wish all our pupils and parents a happy and safe Summer break
  • Y11 exam results day 24th August
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