Art Curriculum

Art Curriculum Provision

Year 7

Autumn Term


  • Studying basic Art elements: Line, Tone, and Texture.
  • Experimenting with a variety of 2D media.
  • Introduction to basic drawing skills.
  • Art History: Picasso and Van Gogh.
  • Make the word texture out of found art materials.
  • Produce a painted sample in the style of Van Gogh Sunflowers.
  • Make a sunflower head collage.
  • Learning to annotate and evaluate work.

Spring Term


  • Develop an understanding of Pattern by studying the artist Klimt.
  • Explore Pattern with a variety of 2D media in the style of Klimt.
  • Design a decorative hairstyle inspired by Klimt.
  • Art History: Gustave Klimt.
  • Design and make a decorative frame using 2D media in the style of Klimt, decorate with collage pieces.
  • Learning to annotate and evaluate work.

Summer Term


  • Understand the basic design elements of Mosaic.
  • Experiment with a variety of 3D media to produce test pieces.
  • Photograph and record student experimental work.
  • Art History: Roman and Contemporary Mosaics.
  • Produce a final 3D Mosaic outcome.
  • Learning to annotate and evaluate work.

Year 8

Autumn Term


  • Design a front page with appropriate images.
  • Produce secondary source images of skulls using a variety of 2D media.
  • Make a pointillist study of part of a skull using a fine liner.
  • Observational paintings of skulls from life using card and limited palette.
  • Made small skull in air hardened clay. Add texture with modelling tools.
  • Art history: research skull artist of own choice.
  • Design 3 different types of gothic style jewellery.
  • Design and make a 3D skull using art straws, mod roc and tissue paper, decorate with metallic paint.
  • Learning to annotate and evaluate work.

Spring Term


  • Design a front page with appropriate images.
  • Make hand print stencils using painting technique.
  • Make a Balsa wood drawing tool.
  • Draw prehistoric images using crumpled brown paper, wax crayons and watercolours.
  • Make a string print block and print several images using natural paint colours.
  • Art history: research an Aboriginal Artist.
  • Produce series of Aboriginal paintings in the style of Judy Watson.
  • Make a textile panel in the style of Judy Watson.
  • Learning to annotate and evaluate work.

Summer Term


  • Art history: research Gargoyles and the grotesques of Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Photograph student pulling a grotesque face.
  • Trace best photograph and produce an oil pastel study.
  • Make a textured Gargoyle portrait in clay, add texture, paint with metallic paints
  • Learning to annotate and evaluate work.

Year 9

Level 1: Award in Creative Craft using Art and Design

Autumn Term

Unit 1: Explore available resources to develop basic art and design skills.


  • Select an image of a crocodile/chameleon/lizard eye etc. as your starting point.
  • Trace the image, enlarge and produce a fine liner drawing.
  • Enlarge again and produce a poly printing block.
  • Print on coloured paper with a variety of colours.
  • Make and cut a stencil, print from it, in a variety of metallic paints on black paper.
  • Make a series of frottage rubbings using wax crayon etc. and produce a textured design based on your chosen animal eye.
  • Clay: roll out and cut a series of small tiles use the tile cutter, add texture to make a series of experimental pieces.
  • Study coiling, modelling, piercing and extruding as part of the clay process.
  • Mod roc: make a series of small experimental pieces, showing texture.
  • Show an understanding of the limitations of clay and mod roc.
  • Explore a range of suitable materials for art and design techniques.
  • Maintain a safe working environment.
  • Learning to annotate and evaluate work.

Spring Term

Unit 2: Explore and develop art and design ideas creatively.

  • Students will identify a range of different sources to collect ideas from eg: art gallery, museum etc. and produce a visual mind map.
  • Visit to Art Gallery/ Museum to collect information.
  • Information to be presented in the form of a power point.
  • Discuss a range of art and design ideas with tutor.
  • Record creative development.
  • Maintain a safe working environment.
  • Learning to annotate and evaluate work.

Summer Term

Unit 3: create, present and review final art and design items.


  • Design an exotic mask, looking to masks from other cultures for inspiration.
  • Develop ideas and experiment with a variety of 2D/3D media.
  • Make final 3D mask from clay, mod roc or wire.
  • Add collage for decoration.
  • Display your work in an appropriate way.
  • Maintain a safe working environment.
  • Learning to annotate and evaluate work.

Year 10


Autumn Term


  • Wire workshop: learn the basics of working with gauze, copper and fine wire to make chain mail and other experimental pieces, record observations.
  • Make a wire sculpture inspired by Salisbury Cathedral.
  • Mod roc workshop: learn the basic elements:
  • Make a single capital letter using mod roc and tissue paper.
  • Card construction workshop: learn the basics of card manipulation.
  • Produce 4-6 card tiles showing a series of descriptive art works e.g. twisted, looped. Folded, woven etc, using corrugated card, brown paper and various natural textured papers.
  • Ceramic workshop: learn the basic elements of ceramic construction.
  • Produce examples of coil, slab and thumb pots. These will be annotated in the form of an information work sheet; students will be photographed showing these techniques.
  • All 4 workshops will be annotated and evaluated using correct art terms and terminology.

Spring Term


  • Visit to Salisbury Cathedral collecting photographic evidence for design brief.
  • Drawing workshop looking at oil pastel, tonal pencil and watercolour techniques and working from secondary source images from Salisbury Cathedral.
  • Learn how to present your work in a 1:1 session, selecting appropriate work to a high level.

Summer Term


  • Design, develop and make one of the following:
  • A small sculpture inspired by the architectural images found in the Cathedral.
  • Design a piece of body adornment based on your drawings from the Cathedral.
  • Students are to select the media of their choice from clay, mod rod, wire or card.
  • Produce a series of drawings in a variety of 2D media to show the design process.
  • Art History: find an artist of your choice who inspires you.
  • Annotate and evaluate your work.

Year 11


Autumn Term


  • Produce 4 different layout designs for a green man using collage leaves, photocopy each design.
  • Enlarge and trace design.
  • Produce an abstracted oil pastel study.
  • Ceramic workshop: fine modelling of eyes and ceramic leaves.
  • Make 3D pot or plate with green man image, adding textural decoration.
  • Paint ceramic pot with acrylic and metallic paints.
  • Art history the green man/artist who has been inspired by the green man.
  • Annotate and evaluate your work.

Spring Term


  • Students are given a power point prepared by myself relating to every exam question and the suggested artists for study.
  • Design, experiment and produce a series of 2D drawings and 3D models and maquettes in preparation for the art exam.
  • Students will be made aware of the marking criteria used by the assessor.
  • Annotate and evaluate your work.

Summer Term


  • Students may design, develop and make a small project of their own choice.
  • Time will also be spent checking portfolio and ensuring all work meets the marking criteria.

  • Autumn Term Starts for Pupils 8.40am 6th September
  • We would like to wish all our pupils and parents a happy and safe Summer break
  • Y11 exam results day 24th August
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