Years 7 and 8 have been exploring different types of line and have created these paintings by drawing with one continuous line.

Years 8 and 9 have been looking at the work of Paul Klee to demonstrate their use of shape and line. They have created their own versions of Klee’s painting ‘Castle and Sun’ using a wax resist technique.

Year 10 have been experimenting with blending colours, using acrylic paint. They then created these cut paper collages by cutting out shapes using a craft knife and layering it over a contrasting colour.

In Year 11 GCSE Art we are exploring the theme of ‘FOOD’ and have learnt the technique of mono-printing to create these images.

On Remembrance Day, art classes all contributed pieces of work inspired by war images, poems and paintings to create an amazing display. The work evolved throughout the day with each student having their choice of materials and techniques. There was collage, mixed media, drawing and painting, ink and bleach, felt tip pens and paper cutting. A great achievement in one day and a beautiful memorial to remember our soldiers.

  • Autumn Term Starts for Pupils 8.40am 6th September
  • We would like to wish all our pupils and parents a happy and safe Summer break
  • Y11 exam results day 24th August
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