Horticulture Subject Overview 2017/2018

Autumn Term

Key learning aims:

  • To understand how to keep safe when working outside in the Horticulture area.
  • To demonstrate how to weed the raised beds.
  • To explain why composting is an important process.
  • To research which vegetables can be sown during the Winter.
  • To demonstrate how to germinate and sow the seedlings of Winter vegetables.
  • To design and create bird feeders and bird cake.
  • Cross-curricular link with Art: To design and create painted pebbles to decorate the rockery.
  • Cross-curricular link with Geography: To describe where different types of food are grown and the environmental impact of importing food.

Spring Term

Key learning aims:

  • To design and create a sensory garden.
  • To plan where fruit, vegetables and flowers will be grown.
  • To demonstrate how to cultivate these plants over time.
  • Cross-curricular link with Science: To describe the different methods of seed dispersal.
  • Cross-curricular link with Food Technology: To recognise varieties of fruit and vegetables and their seeds.
  • To research the benefits and challenges of keeping chickens in school.

Summer Term

Key learning aims:

  • To demonstrate how to cultivate plants and harvest them.
  • To describe the life cycles of the frog and butterfly.
  • To explain why bees play a vital role in the food chain.
  • Cross-curricular link with Food Technology: To design and create a healthy meal using food produced in the garden.
  • Cross-curricular link with Resistant Materials: To design and create insect hotels and feeders.

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