Ethos & Aims

At The Mark Way School we aim to support, nurture, inspire, motivate and challenge our young people to achieve their very best; we believe this is important for social, emotional and academic success. The school works hard with students to develop their aspirations and self-belief so they recognise they can do well and succeed in life. We like to see our students ‘fly high’ and enable them to do this in a supported and controlled way.

Underpinning our practice is recognition for the basic needs of all of our students to be met; this is before we even get to the education and academics. We use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need to guide us in meeting the different needs of our students both over time and on daily basis. Additionally, we seek the support of other agencies to achieve emotional well-being.

We recognise that our students require strong links between home and school. We always aim for a unified approach to meeting the needs of our young people by working together. To achieve this we have a home/school contract that is signed by the school, parents/carers and the young person.

The school recognises that a young person with Special Educational Needs and their family can face challenges. Therefore we offer support in the home through our Family Support Workers who can guide and advise families in supporting their young person as well as accessing agencies and other support. In return we work with parents/carers and will aim to gain advice and knowledge from the people who know their young person best, the families.

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We know that not every person learns in the same way and have very personal and individual needs, therefore we personalise provision to enable our young people to achieve their very best. We see this personalisation as a part of learning for our students. These tools support students in gaining independence and confidence and can be taken with them beyond school age. We recognise that some of our students have special talents and we will always strive to ensure these are highlighted and addressed; for some this could include integration into a mainstream setting with support to ensure they gain access to these areas of the curriculum.

We believe students have the right to be taught well and to these ends our students make good and often outstanding progress with their learning. The school is passionate that all students should be given the opportunity to gain accreditation at a level appropriate to them in order that doors will open in their chosen area in the future; this supports students’ gaining the self-belief and the confidence that they can do well and do contribute to society. Students are able to access accreditations by very focussed teaching and learning opportunities delivered by professional staff who are knowledgeable and experienced in a range of Special Educational Needs. Social skills and life skills are taught throughout the curriculum to ensure that students are well prepared for life beyond school.

Our students often refer to the school as being like a ‘big family’ where you know everyone and feel safe, The Mark Way School is a small school and this allows a sense of community to develop. All staff members know each student individually, their needs and what helps them to succeed. Students have an excellent understanding of each other and an ethos of caring and compassion is instilled in all.

We believe the school belongs to the students who are in it, therefore the students have a big say in their school overall. This includes the education they receive and the developments and improvements we make as a community. We believe it is important to listen to what the students have to say and act upon these comments appropriately.

Even after our students have left the school we always stay in touch with our families. The aim of this is to ensure they are accessing their Post-16 placements and to offer support to families after their time with us. The students know they will always remain a part of our community. Post-16 placements are carefully thought out with the students, seeking the course that inspires them and will allow them to continue to achieve their very best.

Our Aims

The Mark Way School aims for our students:

  • To make excellent progress and achieve well in their education even challenging expectation
  • To have all special educational needs met
  • To feel part of a community
  • To feel safe and secure
  • To achieve emotional health and well-being
  • To be supported, inspired, nurtured and challenged
  • To experience excellent teaching and learning opportunities
  • To build a sense of self-belief, self-worth and confidence in themselves
  • To develop aspirations for the future
  • To understand and apply good social skills
  • To gain independence and life skills
  • To develop courage
  • To experience as many things as possible to inform their decisions for the future
  • To know that home and school work together to get the best possible outcomes.

Our Virtues

The Mark Way School Virtues:

  • Communication
  • Responsibility
  • Tolerance
  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Independence
  • Courage
  • Organisation

  • INSET DAY 31st JANUARY 2020
  • INSET DAY 10th JULY 2020
  • Reward Trips 19th July
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