ICT Curriculum Provision

All year Groups:

  • Files and data storage
  • Email and Internet Use.
  • E-Safety.
  • Key Words for Lessons

Year 7

Autumn Term

Digital Literacy

Core Software – skills, E-Safety, Internet, Email, Filesystems

2D Design (software rehearsal and guidance support)

Computer Science – Robots (fundamentals)

Spring Term

Computer Science – Scratch (basic programming)

Information Technology – DrawPlus (Shapes and tools for artistic creations)

Summer Term

Computer Science – Hardware Investigation (key components and their function)

Computer Science – Scratch – Car Race (developing programming with choice)

Year 8

Autumn Term

Computer Science – Kodu worlds and characters (design choice, quality control, user experience)

Computer Science -Scratch Car Race II (design choices, decisions, if and then statements)

Information Technology – DrawPlus Tracing tools (copyright requirements, methods for research into design and how to repeat familiar design legally)

Computer Science – Scratch – Crab Olympics (2 player games, impact of events and actions)

Spring Term

Computer Science – Scratch Maze (forever if statements and use of simple variables and score systems)

Computer Science – Robots (basic function and purpose of robots, control systems and robots in the workplace)

Information Technology – PagePlus (methods for expressing ideas, design choice, audience and feedback methods)

Computer Science – Kodu Score Systems (improving user experience, scoring methods and counting, impact of score systems on playability and longevity of games)

Summer Term

Digital Literacy- WebPlus (Internet design, components and Internet rules)

Computer Science – Scratch Frogger (more complex coding choices including; what if, and, forever statements)

Information Technology – Serif MoviePlus (film design, filming methods and file formats, purpose of film and basic editing for audience choices)

Computer Science – Scratch Pong (revision method for Y8 skills, assessment opportunity, plan and design methodology

Year 9

Autumn Term

Digital Literacy – Email / E Safety / IE Skills

Digital Literacy – WebPlus (Improving features to include; links, banners and graphic design)

Computer Science – Kodu Challenging games (mission-based games with multiple outcomes, coding choices to add decision-making options for users, enhanced playability using planned features)

Computer Science – Scratch Quiz (question and answer statements, if/then/else statements, cross-curricular links for subjects)

Spring Term

Computer Science – Robots Sensors (more complex robot systems, purpose and control, decision-making and tasks)

Information Technology – MoviePlus Animated Film (skills-based project with choice and links with other skills)

Digital Literacy- PhotoPlus morphing (advanced photo-quality image editing, judgements on usability and quality)

Information Technology – MoviePlus Animated Film Pt II

Summer Term

Digital Literacy – WebPlus (advertising and feedback systems, popups, menus and forms)

Computer Science – Scratch Table Football (interactive 2 player game, menu choices, accurate coding for moving objects)

Computer Science – Kodu Advanced Games (mimics for existing games, use of game tools with increased complexity)

Computer Science – Gamemaker Pong intro (Sprites, Objects and Rooms, pixel-size matters, basic sprite movement using drag and drop)

Year 10

Autumn Term

Digital Literacy – Email / E Safety / IE Skills

Web Design – WebPlus (revision sessions, independent choices over content, skills check)

Computer Science – Gamemaker Block Breaker (improving Gamemaker skills using model games for design, when/if/and/then statements)

Computer Science – Scratch Crab Maze (complex coding patterns, user choice for start-up, menu systems)

Information Technology – DrawPlus (Sprite Sheets)

Computer Science – Gamemaker Block Breaker Pt II (menus, score systems, character designs, sound systems)

Spring Term

Digital Literacy – WebPlus (image display methods, impact of file size, mobile Internet, publishing issues)

Computer Science – Scratch Frantic Felix (advanced coding, animated sprites, level choices, menu systems)

Information Technology – PagePlus Advertising (purpose and function, use to advertise real products, variety of production outputs)

Digital Literacy – DrawPlus / PhotoPlus Animations (stop motion filming, comic strip films)

Robots – Control / Sensors (sensor choices, input and output, speed and turn, remote control)

Computer Science – Scratch Frantic Felix (complex programming assessment)

Summer Term

Digital Literacy – WebPlus project of pupil’s choice building on knowledge and understanding

Computer Science – Scratch Shooter (target-based programming, impact of collisions, animated sprites, sound, controls and monitoring user feedback)

Computer Science – Gamemaker project (pupil choice and method for Planning, Feedback, Revision and Development systems, Menus, Score systems, player choices, graphics and sound)

Year 11

Autumn Term

Digital Literacy – Email / E Safety / IE Skills

Web Design – WebPlus Revision and Exam preparation

Computer Science – Gamemaker Revision and Exam preparation

Spring Term

Certificate in Digital Applications (Level 1) Core Project (Certificate in Digital Applications (Level 1) assessment phase for production of coursework)

Summer Term

Certificate in Digital Applications (Level 1) Core Project completion

Exam Preparation Support for subjects

School Movie

  • INSET DAY 31st JANUARY 2020
  • INSET DAY 10th JULY 2020
  • Reward Trips 19th July
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