Family Support

Our Family Support Worker Kerry Ward can support with any issues you may have to:

  • support you with appointments/meetings and support you working with professionals.
  • make sure everyone is using the same approaches and strategies:
  • in school
  • at home
  • in other settings
  • work with you to improve confidence in managing your child’s behaviour
  • support to improve your child’s attendance at school
  • develop your child’s aspirations
  • support your child in making social and educational progress
  • help your child to access social and leisure facilities
  • help you to feel more in control of the issues you have

What will the school do?

We will:

  • give you time with a support worker
  • listen to you and your child to find out more about your needs
  • with your permission talk to other agencies, where they are involved or signpost you to relevant agencies
  • learn more about your child by talking to you and others who know them
  • suggest strategies and ways of coping

We may:

  • create and provide materials and show you how to use them, work with you at home and with your child at school.

We can support you to:

  • build relationships with your child and give you help and work with you for as long as we are able to help.Please call the school or pop in and ask to speak to one of us.

We know being a parent is the most difficult job in the world!


The Mark Way School is committed to using the ‘Thrive approach’ to support child development.

Thrive is a unique programme in which on-line assessments are carried out to identify individual needs. The information is then assessed and plans enable increased opportunities to raise self-esteem and independence. The needs are identified through early identification of emotional development needs of children.

The Mark Way School has a trained ‘Thrive’ practitioner on site who delivers individual programmes to support and promote well-being and emotional resilience. This encompasses engaging learning, developing learning power and building stress management systems. We are committee to implementing programmes through our social and emotional curriculum. Students are screened individually or in groups and action plans are devised to ensure adults deliver curriculum effectively. These are reviewed and adapted to meet the needs of all of our students.

  • INSET DAY 31st JANUARY 2020
  • INSET DAY 10th JULY 2020
  • Reward Trips 19th July
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